Australia’s First Customised Open Banking Sandbox


Adatree announces the launch of the country’s first turnkey pre-accreditation Open Banking solution: the Open Banking Industry Sandbox.

An innovative Open Banking solution, the Industry Sandbox is designed to kick-start Open Banking for any use case, industry or sector. It is fully managed and includes everything needed for organisations to build out their Open Banking experiences and Proof of Concepts.

Build Customer Experiences In a Simulated Australian Open Banking Environment

Now that Open Banking is live, companies are starting to work out their use cases and think about what this could look and feel like for their customers, explains Jill Berry, Adatree CEO.

“Companies are starting to work out their use cases and think about what this could look and feel like for their customers,” Berry says.

“The Open Banking Industry Sandbox enables companies that aren’t accredited to build what their customer value propositions look and feel like. It enables organisations to bypass the heavy lifting in technical compliance so they can get straight to creating innovative experiences for customers.” 

Out-Of-The Box, Comprehensive Open Banking Solutions 

Adatree’s Open Banking Data Recipient Platform has all the technical components needed to be a Data Recipient, including consent management, notifications, consent dashboard, all required APIs, and integrations. 

The Industry Sandbox also includes a simulation of the production Open Banking environment, including data infrastructure, CDR data storage, and a CDR-conformant dataset. 

Getting Started with Proof of Concepts In 3 Steps

The Industry Sandbox is designed to be stood up quickly in three steps:

  1. The Adatree Industry Sandbox is deployed and configured in the customer’s cloud environment

  2. Adatree brand the Consent Dashboard according to the organisation’s brand guidelines

  3. Organisations build out their use cases to create customer value propositions from the point of receiving the CDR data. 

Find out more information about the Open Banking Industry Sandbox here