Use Case Report: Open X

25 Ways OpenX Can Create Smoother and Smarter Experiences

So what is Open X? Simply put, it’s the sharing of cross-industry economy-wide datasets.

Open X offers boundless opportunities for businesses to solve long-standing problems and provide smarter solutions for every aspect of a consumer’s experience.

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is the regulatory regime streamlining Australia’s Open X economy. 

Wondering how your business could leverage the power of Open X? After years of building CDR data-sharing solutions for businesses, we’ve learned that the best way to answer that question is to provide examples like the ones you’ll find in this Use Case Report. 

Each use case has been written with a customer centric approach to help businesses ideate ways to solve problems and capitalise on opportunities for their clients while gaining a competitive advantage in market.

We’ve broken the uses cases down into 2 main categories:
  • Smoother Use Cases that increase speed to outcomes and reduce cost of services. This relates to services that are possible now, but improve how they’re delivered.
  • Smarter Use Cases that drive innovation in analytics, personalised offerings and predictive modelling. These are new capabilities powered by Open X.
Each use case has been specifically chosen for its ability to illustrate:
  • Strong benefits to consumers (who receive the service)
  • Strong benefits to businesses (who provide the service)
  • A direct impact to improving outcomes for consumers and businesses (Adatree’s mission statement)
  • Implementation feasibility, based on all known variables.


This report is an exercise in the art of the possible. It explores how the combination of economy-wide datasets from energy, insurance, investments, lending, wealth, telco, superannuation, banking and payments will set the course for a revolution of the digital economy.

Each use case has been written to illustrate how CDR will be the catalyst for a new paradigm of innovation, with myriad solutions to long-standing problems faced by every consumer.

It’s an invitation to savvy innovators, hungry product designers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to explore the new frontier of data sharing.

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