Adatree Compliance Dashboard

The turnkey solution for Data Holder Compliance and Quality

Adatree’s Compliance Dashboard and Reports gives every Data Holder the tools needed to automate compliance testing and reporting on it’s consents, CDR availability and data quality.

Technical and non-technical staff can view the health of both production and pre-production systems in real-time.

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Trusted by 22 Banks and credit unions

Pre-production testing

True testing in a prod-like environment

Can my customers consent? What’s my Data Holder health status? Are my APIs available?

With increased regulatory scrutiny of what and how Data Holder’s share consumer and product data, combined with a constantly changing bar of what is compliant, Data Holders need to know their CDR Compliance at a glance.

A full deployment of the Adatree Data Recipient Platform together with supporting CDR Register replica infrastructure gives you confidence in answering these key questions.

Production Testing

Production Verification Testing

Become a CDR Representative of Adatree and receive comprehensive access to CDR Data in production to verify your production instance is live and compliant.

Already an ADR as well as a Data Holder? Then it’s even easier.

quality testing

CDR Data Quality Report

Coming Q4 2023

Analyse and assess your CDR data quality against the Consumer Data Standards and provide evidence of you meeting your Data Holder obligations.

CDR Compliance Report

Coming Q1 2024

Analyse and assess your CDR technical implementation against the Consumer Data Standards which builds upon the foundations of the Financial-grade API Advanced Profile and other standards relating to Open ID Connect 1.0.