Announcement: Fat Zebra acquires Adatree

Jill Berry

Fat Zebra to acquire Adatree to shape Australia's financial infrastructure

Fat Zebra acquires Adatree to shape Australia’s financial infrastructure

Today marks a significant milestone for Adatree as we proudly announce that we have been acquired by Fat Zebra, a distinguished Australian payments infrastructure provider. This collaboration not only signifies a leap forward for our organisation but also holds immense promise for the future of data and payments in Australia.

Reflecting on this transformative moment, Jill Berry, Co-founder, and CEO of Adatree, shared her excitement:

“We are thrilled about this opportunity and what it means for our team, company, and product roadmap. Joining forces with Fat Zebra allows us to accelerate our mission of advancing Open Banking and data-driven solutions.”

Jill Berry, Adatree CEO

Fat Zebra & Adatree in position to own the smart payment, action initiation space

The acquisition aligns with the rapid progress of Open Banking, bridging synergies between data and payment companies. This collaboration sets the stage for a dynamic product roadmap, harnessing the strengths of both organizations to create innovative solutions in the evolving financial landscape. Adatree connects to every CDR data source, including 114 banking data sources, which covers 99.73% of the household banking market share. Open Energy has recently gone live with 20 Australian energy companies in November 2023. 

Action Initiation is an upcoming Consumer Data Right capability that is currently in design. With Open Banking, data can be accessed and leveraged for use cases, known as ‘read access’. Action Initiation will allow accredited companies to initiate actions, known as ‘write access’ – enabling actions including initiating payments, opening and closing accounts, and updating customer information – all through the Consumer Data Right regulatory framework. 

About Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra is Australia’s premier eCommerce payment services provider, processing payments for over 30,000 SME and enterprise merchants, and with notable clientele in the payments, banking and wagering spaces. Serving as the backbone of card-not-present payments, Fat Zebra provides essential services such as payments infrastructure, fraud prevention, and consumer authentication. Their reach extends to powering more than 250 million eCommerce transactions annually in Australia.

What Does This Mean for Adatree Customers?

Rest assured, there will be no impact on our customers. The Adatree platform will continue to operate seamlessly, supported by the same dedicated team you know and trust. Retaining our accreditation as an ADR, Adatree will now leverage the vision, team, and efficiencies of Fat Zebra. This partnership sets the stage for an exciting product roadmap, promising innovation and enhanced services.

What Does This Mean for Our Partners?

For our valued partners, this collaboration marks a strengthening of our ties. The Adatree platform remains unchanged, and our accreditation as an ADR stays intact. With the infusion of Fat Zebra’s experience and efficiencies, we anticipate dynamic developments in our joint product roadmap. This partnership will benefit both organizations and pave the way for innovation in the data and payments landscape.

Payments and Data Products

Exciting changes are on the horizon! We are gearing up to launch new features, introducing smarter payments and data-driven fraud and identity solutions. The integration of Adatree’s data expertise with Fat Zebra’s payment prowess promises a future where data and payments seamlessly integrate for the benefit of our customers. 

Here’s what you can do with Fat Zebra now:

  • Operating as a global payments platform, Fat Zebra boasts market-leading approval rates and an impressive 99.999% uptime, delivering unparalleled payment infrastructure across Australia and beyond.
  • Fat Zebra handles everything from scheme tokenisation to least-cost routing, offering the latest in payment technologies to ensure its customers are processing payments in the most efficient and secure way possible.
  • Offering advanced fraud protection and robust secure customer authentication services, Fat Zebra diligently monitors payments around the clock to ensure unparalleled security.

Thank you for being an integral part of Adatree as we embark on this thrilling new chapter.