Adatree Supports Business Consents for Business & Energy Data

Jill Berry

Adatree offers its clients streaming business data through the new CDR Access Method, Business Consumer Data Consents (known as BCDC). As Adatree is the only vendor offering BCDC for both banking and energy data, this will accelerate how businesses are powering their business propositions with the CDR.

Why is Business Consumer Disclosure Consent a Gamechanger for CDR?

  1. No Regulatory Heavy Lifting. One of the historical challenges has been the hoops that businesses have to jump through for accessing. With BCDC, recipients no longer need a CDR accreditation or sponsor. They can go live in days.
  2. Comprehensive, Full Data Breadth. CDR Data availability is deep, with data and metadata across customer / organisation information, account information, product data and transactional data.
    • Specific business data includes Organisational Profile (name, ACN / ABN, charity status, establishment date, industry, etc)and Organisational Contact Details (organisation address, mail address, phone number) – with full details available here.
  3. Access Both Banking and Energy Data. With Banking and Energy live, clients can get access to business data for both energy and/or banking – depending on their use case. BCDC isn’t just for banking, and energy data is available for businesses too.
  4. Every Data Source. Adatree automatically connects to every available Data Holder and brand. With >130 current data sources, you automatically get access to consent to new Data Holders – without lifting a finger.
  5. Inclusive of Business Data Use Cases. Whether your use case is viewing data for accounting feeds, business verification, onboarding, credit checks, loan applications, business energy efficiencies, business ESG reporting, BCDC can suit them all. Unlike consumer data propositions, we don’t require you to document your CDR data boundary or have other certifications or licensing. You just need to confirm that your services are for businesses, and we verify that the recipients are businesses (and not personal use).

Adatree is already seeing an uptick of businesses using BCDC for CDR data access – with exciting case studies to be launched soon!

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