The Leading Voice in the Consumer Data Right

Adatree was founded in 2019 by a team of ex-bank builders who knew they could lead the way in Australia’s Consumer Data Right.

We’ve used our passion for CDR to bring Open Data to life. We’ve built a world-class CDR intermediary platform that is the most robust and flexible in market, ready to scale for any use case. If the scores of awards don’t prove it, our list of satisfied clients ought to.

When you work with Adatree you’re working with genuine CDR experts. We live and breathe this stuff, and strive to make it easy for other businesses to access consumer data with confidence.

In 2024, Adatree was acquired by Fat Zebra, a leading Australian payments gateway, to be the combined poles and wires of data and payments.

our vision

We believe in a world where data is democratised and fair competition is the driving force behind better consumer outcomes.

our mission

Remove Barriers

Allow entry across the data sharing ecosystem to enable Open Banking and make it easily accessible for Data Holders and Data Recipients alike.

Lead Through Innovation

Create competitive and innovative products and services so you can grow, retain and delight your customers.

Do The Heavy Lifting

Help our clients access and leverage the data so you can focus on your core value propositions instead of technical requirements.

our values


We operate in a transparent and ethical way. No brilliant jerks.

Radical Candor

Care personally, challenge directly and provide feedback where necessary.

Driven By Trust

We provide freedom and trust and expect accountability and ownership in return.

Align Our Efforts

We align our efforts focusing only on our goals. We win and lose together.

what’s in a name?

Adatree is named after Ada Lovelace

Ada is lauded as the ‘pioneer of programming’ for writing the first computational program in the late 1800s. A rather spirited woman, Ada was known for loving mathematics as much as a party.

And tree refers to a system of data with strong foundations, ready to support exponential growth.

social responsibility

At Adatree, we believe it is important to be a good corporate citizen.

We have created and live by our Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines:

CDR For Good

We believe that the CDR should be used to help our society for good. We spend part of our days working on not for profit ethical applications of the CDR. 

Support local

Where we can we support and buy from Australian companies and small businesses.

Sustainable & ethical

We buy sustainable, quality materials that are ethically sourced and we consider the carbon impact of our purchases including carbon offsetting our travel. 

Health & Wellbeing

We focus on employee mental health and wellbeing and prioritise work/life balance.