Your Practical Guide To Being An Accredited Data Recipient

Comprehensive Information Guide to Navigate the Data Recipient path

Adatree, Trend Micro, RSM Australia, DNX Solutions & Fintech Australia present a detailed guide to being an ADR efficiently, from use case to active status.

Have you ever asked:

  • How can I be an ADR efficiently? 
  • How long does the ADR process take?
  • Who will accelerate my CDR journey? 
  • What is the difference between active and accredited statuses?
  • What can be done concurrently, consecutively? What are the dependencies?

If yes, then this eBook is for you. 

seven steps to receiving Cdr


The eBook covers the end to end process in detail, including

The key timelines and milestones from use case to being active

An efficient project plan, including consecutive, concurrent activities and dependencies

Recommendations and tips based on the authors’ hands-on accreditation experience

Key partners and tools to use to accelerate your CDR journey

who is this useful for?

Any company looking to access CDR data efficiently as a Data Recipient in Australia, including banks, fintechs, lenders, loyalty, payment companies, government agencies. from startups to enterprises.

This has technical and business information relevant for all use cases, industries and company sizes.

about the authors

CDR SaaS Provider

Adatree is a CDR-focused technology company is the first intermediary to be accredited and active as a Data Recipient, Adatree removes barriers for organisations participating in the CDR through its Data Recipient technology SaaS platform.

It helps Data Recipients access and leverage data in line with the latest CDR standards and rules and helps maintain compliance to the technical standards.

Cloud Infrastructure

DNX Solutions designs and builds compliant and Well-Architected cloud and data infrastructure for ADR applicants, providing security, reliability, and cloud foundations for a turnkey compliant CDR environment.

DNX also provides a skilled DevOps team extension while building customer’ environment, empowering teams with cloud/data skills, supporting audit teams, and operating and maintaining a compliant environment as your business grows or changes.

Security and Compliance

Trend Micro Cloud One Conformity has developed a report customised to the CDR requirements to enable automated security and compliance checks of your infrastructure for misconfigurations.

Trend Micro’s Cloud One platform also includes controls to meet technical security requirements such as anti-malware, network security, and threat and vulnerability management.

Information Security Assurance and Advisory

RSM Australia is a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to entrepreneurial growth-focused organisations.

RSM provides the CDR information security accreditation assurance report that is required for the ADR application. RSM Australia is also CREST accredited for penetration testing.

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