Introducing Ready-Made ADR Application Templates


Adatree introduces the ADR Accelerator, which includes all of the business and technical templates required for Accredited Data Recipient applications.

These templates have created from the documents that Adatree used in its own application as an unrestricted Data Recipient, which was granted on February 25, 2021.

“We created the ADR Accelerator to slash the application times of aspiring Data Recipients,” says Adatree CEO, Jill Berry. “I wish I would’ve been able to purchase this for our own application, so we are helping our customers save time, money and effort in their own journey to being an ADR.”

Adatree partnered with Astero, a security consultancy, for assistance with technical documents during its own application process. Astero will provide and assist aspiring ADRs with the tailoring of these templates for their own technical environments.

The ADR Accelerator showcases Adatree’s own Consumer Data Right expertise and commitment to removing barriers to participation in the CDR.

Interested organisations can learn more about the ADR Accelerator packs here