Adatree does the heavy lifting to help you secure Active status and take your use case to market.

A lot of work goes into attaining Accredited status in the CDR ecosystem, even with a turnkey open data partner managing the technical requirements. But as we’ve explained before, there’s no benefit to accreditation if you aren’t able to progress to Active status. And to secure that coveted Active status, you must first undertake the rigorous Conformance Test Suite (CTS).


secure Active status without writing a line of code

Once you’re accredited as an ADR or registered with Adatree as a Representative or Trusted Adviser, it’s your turn to sit back and let us do the work.

Adatree completes all the ACCC conformance tests on your behalf. We automate it in the background and will let you know when it’s complete and when your use case is Active.

But that’s not the last of the CTS. Requirements for receiving data change constantly. Adatree, as your accredited Data Recipient platform, will handle your conformance testing now and into the future.

Looking for evidence of success? We have a proven track record of securing Active status for our clients. 


Getting your use case live

Once you’ve passed the CTS, implementing your use case should be the easiest step… right?

Configuring your use case with Adatree can be completed in a matter of hours because we are the only Data Recipient that is already connected to every active Data Holder in the ecosystem – 113 as of 16 May 2022.

Our platform is easily configurable so all you have to do is decide what types of data you need to receive and how long you need to access it for your use case. We’ll then route your access in a matter of minutes and your use case is live – simple as that!


Keeping up with the scaling digital economy of Open Data

It’s important to remember that the Consumer Data Right isn’t a set-and-forget program of work. Your first integration is just the beginning. As Open Data shapes the infrastructure of our digital economy, businesses will want to adjust their use cases or build new ones to keep up with the competition.

Every adjustment you make to your use case configuration will likely take as long as the first configuration. And when it comes to competition, limited access to a fraction of available data sources or a 3-month configuration lead time is simply not viable. Having a nimble CDR intermediary like Adatree will be crucial to staying relevant in this new Open Data economy.

Ready to get Active in the CDR ecosystem? Get in touch with our team and let’s make it happen.