The world’s first Open Data marketplace, the ADATREE EXCHANGE


Adatree has launched the world’s first Open Data marketplace! The Adatree Exchange will streamline how organisations discover and procure regulated CDR-ready, third-party capabilities. The result? Expanded CDR possibilities and the acceleration of open data use cases.


Revolutionising how businesses access, leverage and transform data with a network of trusted providers

The revolutionary Open Data marketplace provides customers with a one-stop-shop to supercharge CDR data.

Before the Adatree Exchange, businesses needed to engage a CDR intermediary to procure the raw data and then go out to market to find a third party to help digest that data or map it to their unique business needs. But before a business could integrate their CDR data with a third party, they’d also need to make sure that provider meets the technical, security and regulatory CDR requirements for an outsourced service provider. 

Now, businesses can leverage the Adatree Exchange to jump ahead several paces. The Exchange showcases a variety of CDR-ready third-party services to access capabilities like data categorisation, customer verification, data enrichment, credit application automation, de-identification, product comparison, and account verification. 

Many businesses are still unsure of what they could do with CDR data, and face the challenge of finding service providers who are accredited and competent in working with CDR data. About 80-90% of conversations Adatree has had with businesses wanting to receive CDR data has been about what they could do with the data. The Adatree Exchange aims to help businesses see the possibilities available to accredited data recipients.

Alex Scriven, Chief Operating Officer at Adatree, says:

“We are thrilled to launch Adatree Exchange with world-class technology providers. The Exchange is set to be a game-changer for any organisation wanting to access CDR data. With the industry rapidly changing, the more we can do to increase use cases of Open Data, the better it will be for consumers in the long-term. 

“When Adatree launched at the infancy of the Consumer Data Right in Australia, it was created as a data recipient platform for organisations to access CDR data. As the industry reaches maturity, customers are wanting more options and capabilities around what they can do with this data. We wanted to give customers everything they need to use CDR data to its full potential.


Foundational adatree exchange participants

Adatree is launching with 10 participants on the platform including energy comparison platform Accurassi, global data analytics provider Personetics,, end-to-end digital comparison platform CIMET, product recommendation engine Stryd, auditing firm AssuranceLab, instant finance app for lenders and brokers Piico, AWS-specialist cloud infrastructure company DNX Solutions, leading cybersecurity firm Astero, turnkey cloud infrastructure Citadel, and credit risk and data science consultancy Kadre.  

All Exchange participants are audited outsourced service providers (OSPs), whereby Adatree conducts stringent compliance checks to ensure data will be managed to the highest CDR standards. 


Born of necessity. Led by Adatree. Built by visionaries.

The Adatree Exchange started organically, with Adatree’s clients and prospects wanting to access data initially, then asking for different use cases, augmentation and transformation to be built out. While Adatree will continue to build out its own capabilities to transform data, the Exchange will accelerate the ability for Adatree’s clients to access a wide-breadth of capabilities from many different best-of-breed companies. 

“We’re extremely excited about the future of the Adatree Exchange – the possibilities are endless as Open Data advances further in Australia. We have already begun to curate, vet and integrate with organisations across all different sectors as part of our Exchange, and we look forward to working with more experts as they join the world’s first Open Banking marketplace.”


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