Adatree launches world’s first Open Energy data sharing platform


Adatree claims another first as the only regulated data intermediary to introduce Open Energy into its data platform.

We’re already providing access to consented banking data from every available Australian source, and now we’re readying our service offering to include Australia’s Open Energy launch scheduled for November 2022.

“We are proud to launch the world’s first Open Energy Platform for companies wanting to access and leverage regulated energy data,” explains Adatree CEO Jill Berry.

“This exemplifies Adatree’s commitment to providing our customers with access to every industry data source available in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.”

“Australia is uniquely different from other countries in its intention to extend consented data sharing across many industries. It’s a bold move for our country that requires a long-term view and a complex roadmap, but the payoff is that it will accelerate Australia’s digital economy and ultimately lead to more competition, choice and control for Australian consumers and businesses.

“Adatree is committed to staying at the forefront of the CDR roadmap and enabling data sharing for any use case, no matter the industry or business.”


How does Adatree’s CDR Sandbox work for Energy?

Adatree’s CDR Sandbox is a pre-production environment that is an exact replica of our market-leading Data Recipient Platform. Our technology is tested in production, so our customers have the exact APIs, consent dashboard, CDR standards, CX guidelines, and data schemas that they’ll experience when Open Energy goes to production later this year. It’s the exact same Data Recipient Platform used for banking data, but extending to now include energy data.

Adatree clients who access banking data can already connect to simulated Data Holder banking sources, like Red Australia Bank and Yellow Australia Bank, as well as a simulated registry. Now our clients will be able to connect to the first simulated Energy Data Holder – “Original Energy”. (Our engineers are not only brilliant – they’re witty too!)

As part of our new energy data suite, Adatree has developed the energy API, CDR-formatted energy datasets, and a consent dashboard aligned to Energy CX guidelines. We’ve also made some technical adjustments and inclusions to meet the CDR standards unique to energy relating to product, customer, account, transaction and plan data schemas.

As soon as Open Energy goes live in November, clients using our CDR Sandbox will be able to immediately connect to the live data sources. They’ll transition from our simulated Original Energy data source to the real thing without writing an additional line of code.

Adatree performs the conformance testing suite with the regulators, and automates connections to the energy industry data sources, so that all heavy lifting is done by Adatree. Clients can get access to consented data within minutes of a new data source becoming live. No other gateway in the Australian market can make that claim.

Facilitating energy data use cases

Consented sharing of data from Australia’s major energy companies is slated to go live on 15 November, 2022.

Adatree’s clients have the choice of picking and choosing what industry source(s) they like – whether one, some or all – according to their evolving use cases. The CDR Sandbox can be used by any company regardless of their accreditation status and even by Data Holders testing their own data sharing prior to going live. Should non-accredited businesses want to access production data Adatree can sponsor them as a CDR Representative or help them secure one of the other applicable CDR access methods.

We look forward to facilitating data access for any of our clients with an applicable use case. And watch this space – we’ll be announcing some of Australia’s first Open Energy clients soon!

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