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Feature release: CDR Test Drive

There’s a huge difference between having something explained to you and seeing it in action – CDR data is no different. That’s why Adatree built the ‘test-drive your CDR data’ feature into the Adatree Developer Portal. CDR Test Drive allows anyone – developers, product designers and business leaders – to consent to and connect their own CDR data and call specific CDR APIs for a first-hand experience of their CDR data and metadata. For companies interested in accessing CDR Data this can help them experience their own data payload and understand how Adatree’s Data Recipient Platform simplifies companies connecting to the CDR.

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Australia’s Open Energy is Live

Australia’s Consumer Data Right has taken another major step forward, with Open Energy going live and consenting data sharing starting to flow.  By extending the CDR beyond the banking sector, Australia is for the first time taking the notion of an economy-wide, regulated, consent driven data sharing ecosystem from theory to practice.

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