Australia’s Open Energy is Live


Australia’s Consumer Data Right has taken another major step forward, with Open Energy going live and consenting data sharing starting to flow.  By extending the CDR beyond the banking sector, Australia is for the first time taking the notion of an economy-wide, regulated, consent driven data sharing ecosystem from theory to practice.

Consenting for Open Energy sharing is now live with Adatree, an Accredited and Active CDR Data Recipient. Origin Energy is live with AGL expected to go live within days. Adatree is the only intermediary supporting Open Energy (and every industry thereafter) and is connected to every available CDR data source, allowing its clients to access every data source in every industry – all through one integration. 

“Adatree is thrilled to be pioneering Open Energy access and supporting companies’ use cases that leverage CDR data of all types,” says CEO Jill Berry. “This is a landmark time for Australia, as we are now officially leading the charge globally to extend consumer data sharing rights to multiple sectors. At heart, it will be Australian customers and businesses who will be the main beneficiaries of this radical change.”

Adatree Energy confirmation 2

Energy data powering green energy, switching use cases 

Open Energy data will enable a number of key use cases in the economy, like energy account switching, increasing understanding of opportunities in the green economy, and improving accessibility to renewable energy sources by facilitating lending for solar and battery solutions. With consumer consent, Open Energy data can also be combined with other CDR datasets, like banking, for even more robust use cases. 

Open Energy provides unprecedented comprehensive datasets

Open Energy provides consumer consented data sharing to power energy-related use cases. Accessible data types include plan data, account details, invoice and bill data, service and metering data, and usage data. A consumer has full visibility and control over how their data will be used, and may withdraw their consent at any time. All of the existing access models can still be used for Open Energy, including  becoming an accredited person or CDR Representative or receiving the data as a Trusted Adviser or through a CDR insight disclosure consent. AGL and Origin Energy datasets are accessible now, with Energy Australia to go live in the new year. Other energy providers also have regulatory obligations to start making consumer data sharing available in 2023. 

While the CDR has been live since July 2020 with Australia’s banking sector, it was always designed to be extended economy-wide. Energy was designated by the government to go live in the CDR after banking, with telecommunications shortly after and Open Finance (including non-bank lending, superannuation, general insurance and merchant acquiring) to follow suit. 


Want access to Open Energy data? 

If you’re after one API with turnkey access to every data source in every industry, Adatree is the only provider for you. Let’s chat about your use case, regulatory access model and get you started with our market-leading proprietary technology. Get in touch with us here