What Are the Differences Between Open Banking & Screen Scraping?


You want to build data-driven customer propositions, so how do you source that data? Historically it has been through screen scraping, but the introduction of the Consumer Data Right in Australia introduces a more reliable, customer-centric and comprehensive way to share data. 

What are the differences between Open Banking and screen scraping? Why should I use one over the other? 

Adatree authored an extensive analysis, exploring the evolution and future of data sharing. This outlines the key differences between screen scraping and Open Banking, focusing on: 

  • The history of data sharing;
  • How screen scraping and Open Banking work;
  • Advantages & disadvantages of screen scraping;
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Open Banking; and 
  • The future of data sharing. 

The full report, titled Uncovering the Differences Between Open Banking & Screen Scraping, is available free on the Adatree Website

Copy of Advantages, Disadvantages of CDR & Screen Scraping (1)