DNX & Adatree Partner for Turnkey CDR Solutions


Australian companies Adatree and DNX Solutions have partnered to provide a turnkey Consumer Data Right (CDR) SaaS and infrastructure solution for aspiring Data Recipients. Both solutions are “ready to go” infrastructure to provide simple and fast access to the CDR that suit all industries and use cases. 

The partnership was formed late 2020, and the parties have since deployed the turnkey joint solution with multiple fintechs and lenders looking to participate in the CDR as Data Recipients. Adatree was recently accredited as an unrestricted Data Recipient, which helps guide clients’ own journeys too. 

“Both companies focus on automating software and solving problems for our clients, and our offerings are really complementary for CDR SaaS with a compliant infrastructure environment,” says Jill Berry, Adatree co-founder and CEO.  “We accelerate companies’ journeys to being Data Recipients. Now that we’ve done multiple implementations together, we have a smooth and complementary Open Banking solution.” 

Two Turnkey Solutions Solving One Challenging Problem 

Adatree’s SaaS technology solutions, the Industry Sandbox & Data Recipient Platform, remove the complexity of accessing the CDR safely and securely, enabling businesses to access consent CDR data through one API, removing barriers to participation as a Data Recipient. DNX adds security, reliability, and cloud foundations to the solution for a turnkey compliant CDR environment.

“Having a compliant CDR data environment is a key part of readiness in being an ADR“, says Helder Klemp, DNX Solutions CEO. “We even work alongside our clients and their auditor on their information security assessments to ensure that the technical environments help meet all regulatory requirements. Ultimately this means less issues and more collaboration to be an ADR even faster.” 

In addition to providing CDR-aspirational clients with a cloud foundation that meets their ADR requirements, DNX provides optional managed cloud services, infrastructure optimisation and other complementary cloud consulting services. 


Scaling Across Industries and Use Cases

The joint Adatree and DNX Open Banking solution is use case, industry and organisation agnostic. This suits any aspiring Data Recipient, from startups to enterprises and cross-industry, from financial services to government. 


Consumer Data Right (CDR) Solution

The Consumer Data Right (often referred to as Open Banking) is a new regulated data sharing regime that gives Australian consumers greater access to their data, improving consumer choice and competition. To deliver an Open Banking solution to the market, DNX has partnered with Adatree, a CDR-focused technology company with turnkey SaaS solutions for all industries, use cases, and all sizes of companies to participate in the CDR. 

From building a secure, compliant, and cloud conforming foundation to injecting cloud and data skills into organisations, DNX accelerates the process of being granted as an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) while partnering with the Audit Team. Adatree removes barriers to entry across the data-sharing ecosystem, enabling any organisation to access the CDR through a single API.

With DNX and Adatree working together, this assures clients that their CDR solution is compliant and secure, so companies can focus on delivering value for their customers.

More information about the joint offer is available here.

About Adatree 

Adatree is the first Consumer Data Right platform in Australia, founded in June 2019. With its own accreditation as an unrestricted Data Recipient in February 2021, it is purely focused on Consumer Data Right technology solutions to make it scalable, automated and simple for all companies to access and leverage CDR data. It has developer solutions and production environments to suit aspiring and accredited Data Recipients, accessing the Data Recipient platform with one API. 


About DNX Solutions

DNX Solutions is a cloud-native focused company and AWS Advanced Partner equipped with tailored solutions to optimise client’s cloud and data environments.

DNX is an awarded partner in AWS Programs with the badge of DevOps Competency and also the Well-Architected Partner Program. These two competencies are central to all our projects and represent our technical expertise with both. With this expertise, we accelerate the process of cloud adoption, whether working with startups or enterprises, while running projects which solve distinct needs such as Well-architected Review Assessment, Cloud Foundation, Application Modernisation, Data Analytics & Engineering, and Managed Services.