Launching the ‘Practical Guide to Being an ADR’ eBook


Adatree, DNX Solutions, RSM Australia, Trend Micro and Fintech Australia launch their eBook, Your Practical Guide to Being an ADR, written in collaboration based on their hands-on experiences helping companies on their journey to being an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR). 

Companies of all sizes, industries and use cases often ask the authors how they can be an Accredited Data Recipient in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal effort while leveraging experienced partners.

This eBook was created to answer those questions with a practical plan, experiences, learning and timelines relating to a company’s Data Recipient journey. 

This eBook includes:

  • Practical applications to strip away the complexity and help you understand the stages of the application
  • Tips and recommendations to avoid delays
  • Exploration of what  the project plan for becoming accredited and active actually looks like, including the consecutive and concurrent tasks with dependencies.
  • Explanations of the key milestones and steps in the process
  • Timelines for each of the steps in the ADR process

The eBook is available as a free download here –