How Adatree automates adding of new CDR data sources


With Data Holders sharing consumer data with Accredited Data Recipients from July 2020, all other banks and credit unions, excluding foreign branches, have to start making consumer data sharing available from July 2021. Data Recipients want to ensure that they get immediate access whenever a new data source is available, and Adatree’s Data Recipient platform guarantees their seamless access.

Adatree has automated its Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) capability, which ensures that whenever a new Data Holder is ‘active’ in the CDR ecosystem, that any Data Recipient using Adatree’s Data Recipient Platform gets access to it immediately. Nothing is completed manually, there are no direct integrations required to each bank, there are no hardcoded endpoints and no maintenance downtime if things change. Adatree customers get seamless and effortless access to the full breadth of CDR data sources.

This is a market-leading differentiation through its Data Recipient Platform to ensure that as nearly 100 new Data Holder sources start to share CDR data, that they can focus on their data-driven value propositions instead of building connectors into every data source.

“This is consistent with our vision for ease of access to CDR for Accredited Data Recipients” says Shane Doolan, Adatree CTO. “Dynamic client registration is part of CDR but it’s something our customers don’t, and shouldn’t need to care about. They have better things to do, like building the future of fintech in Australia. When new banks become active all our customers want to know is when they can have access to them and our answer is immediately.”

Adatree’s DCR capability will not only extend to new Banking Data Holder sources but will also ensure that as new industries, such as energy and telco, go live in the CDR ecosystem, that those sources are also automatically available for Data Recipients using Adatree’s platform.

About Adatree

Adatree is Australia’s leading Consumer Data Right platform. They offer a turnkey solution hosted in Amazon Web Services environment for any ADR to be able to access the CDR through one simple API. Adatree makes it easy for any organisation in any industry to access and leverage Consumer Data Right by providing consent lifecycle, integrations, infrastructure and everything technical needed to be part of the Consumer Data Right. Adatree is also committed to helping aspiring ADRs with their application through the ADR Accelerator product.

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