Automating new Data Holder sources


As of 4 August, Adatree is excited to announce that 34 out of 34 Data Holders are currently live in Adatree’s Data Recipient Platform. Our turnkey platform is 100% automatic, with no manual intervention required. This means it automatically adds and activates any new Data Holder so that our customers can start receiving data off the new Data Holders immediately.

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What does that mean for Adatree customers?

Our mantra at Adatree is to make the complex simple. We want to easy enable all organisations to access CDR data in a hassle free way. By connecting to our single API to access CDR data you know that you will always be 100% compliant Consumer Data Right regulations and that all Data Holders sharing data will be up to date, no need for you to do anything except bring to life case studies that will make a difference for your customers.

We are looking forward to having more banks, credit unions, and brands live in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.