Adatree launches COVID Hotspot Alert


This month, Adatree has launched an innovative new service called COVID Hotspot Alert to help keep Australians safe during the pandemic and give them greater peace of mind by leveraging a user’s card purchase data.

COVID Hotspot Alert works by matching customer spend data and COVID exposure site data to notify users who have transacted at a venue of concern. It sends registered users who made a card purchase at a hotspot venue or suburb a text message alerting them of their exposure within minutes of the Government announcing it. It acts like your personal contact tracer. 

Our service is made possible by the Consumer Data Right (CDR), and Adatree is Australia’s only accredited and active intermediary of the CDR.

Enabling People To Be Safe & Informed

We have created this new free service to allow people to take quick appropriate action to keep themselves and the community safe if they have visited a location of concern, particularly as Australia is starting to open up and return to a new normal.

We are launching COVID Hotspot Alert in NSW, with roll-out in Queensland and Victoria to follow. We also have the capability to expand quickly into other states where hotspot alert data exists.

First Non-Financial CDR Use Case

COVID Hotspot Alert is the first non-financial services use case of CDR in Australia and leverages consumer data for good. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse raw transactional banking data and COVID location data to create a data-matching algorithm. 

Once a user provides consent for us to collect their data for matching, the service will continuously analyse data in the background and alert users when they are at risk. They will only receive a text message when somewhere they have made a card purchase is later deemed a venue or location of concern. 

Our COVID Hotspot Alert is complementary to the Government QR code check-in system and does not replace it. The service is our way to improve the health and lives of Australians, and use technology and data for good. 

Sign Up For Alerts

Our Public Beta Phase is now open and users can join the waitlist via the website – Once accepted, you will receive an email link to a consent registration form which grants us access to use your data only for the purpose of receiving hotspot alerts. You can revoke your consent at any time if you choose to do so.