New Ways To Access CDR, Now Live!


February 1 marks a major milestone with the CDR: the new Access Models are live! This is the exciting time where changes go from legislative updates to actually live in the market. These changes will be a catalyst for increased participation in the CDR, easier pathways to launching your use case, and increased competition and choice for Australians. 


Why new CDR Access Models? 

As background, becoming an unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient used to be the only way to access and leverage the CDR. The government received a lot of feedback that other methods were needed for companies to participate: some businesses wanted an agency relationship to receive sponsorship through existing participants’ some were already subject to regulation and wanted to leverage that; and others wanted just the output of CDR analysis instead of receiving the raw data itself. 

The government listened, and in October they released new CDR rules introducing new access models which allow access to the CDR without the full process and/or regulatory overheads of being an unrestricted ADR. 

To be flexible with our customers’ needs, Adatree is supporting every Access Model with comprehensive solutions for each. 


New Access Models live as of today: 

  • Trusted Adviser, accessing full CDR data if already a select profession 
  • Insights, receiving a yes/no response based on CDR data
  • Affiliate, a lightly regulated status with a relationship with Adatree and the ACCC 

Trusted Adviser 

Trusted Adviser is the fast-track to CDR for professionals who are already regulated. By partnering with Adatree – an unrestricted ADR – these Trusted Advisers can access CDR without accreditation. This means you can get the verified data you need (transactions, account and customer data, according to your use case) directly from your customer, and ready in a matter of hours. 

The Trusted Adviser model is only available to a limited list of professions, including: 

  • Qualified accountants
  • Persons admitted to the legal profession
  • Registered tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers
  • Financial counselling agencies
  • Financial advisers
  • Financial planners
  • Mortgage brokers

Adatree will verify you as a Trusted Adviser, you then integrate to our API and you’re ready to start receiving consented CDR data. 

More information here



Do you ever just want the outcome of a decision without the regulation required to collect the data? CDR Insights delivers exactly that. 

Businesses that aren’t accredited will be able to harness the power of the CDR through Insights, by leveraging Adatree’s unrestricted ADR status, our collection capabilities and scalable insights service. CDR Insights will give you the ability to offer your customers additional services like real-time account verification, balance checking, income checking, expense checking and more.

Insight examples are low-risk outcomes using a specific question or a yes/no, like:

  • Verifying customer income
  • Verifying customer expenses
  • Verifying account ownership
  • Identifying the customer (not KYC/AML)
  • Providing an actual balance at a specific point in time
  • Providing alert to merchant if upcoming payment will fail
  • Providing average income over period of time, or 
  • Other low risk outcomes

As a major bonus, CDR Insights isn’t considered CDR Data so reciprocity doesn’t apply. 

Adatree’s Insights as a Service is ready to go! First we collect and analyse the data, giving you an insight about the consumer that you’ve configured and they’ve agreed to. Then we share the insight with you without you being regulated. It’s that simple! 

More information here


CDR Affiliate: 

Think of this as a ‘light’ accreditation where you have a relationship with the ACCC and a relationship with an unrestricted ADR – like Adatree – to sponsor you. You still have to go through an accreditation with the ACCC, which isn’t as onerous as a full unrestricted accreditation. It focuses more on business frameworks and processes instead of the technical controls. 

More information here


Already live: CDR Representative 

The CDR Representative model quietly went live in November 2021, which is the way for a company to receive CDR data through an unrestricted ADR – like Adatree – without being accredited by the ACCC (unlike Affiliate or UADR). 

Adatree works with Australia’s only CDR Representative, Sherlok. We think that this will be a very popular model. Here’s why: 

  • You’ll have a commercial relationship with Adatree and not the regulators
  • It gives you access to the CDR in days, not months! 
  • It cuts the effort, time and costs to integrate CDR into your propositions
  • You get the same data access as an unrestricted ADR or affiliate 


Still here: Unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient 

Still think the Unrestricted ADR model is right for your organisation? No worries. Just add Adatree as your Accredited Outsourced Service Provider 


Looking for more information on the Access Models? Read a more extensive overview here.


Wondering which Access Model is right for you? Take our quiz for your personalised result. 


Whatever you choose, we have live solutions for you. Not tomorrow, not later, but today! We have frameworks, processes and technology in place to enable you to leverage the CDR through Adatree’s Accredited and Active CDR status and proprietary CDR platform.  

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