Adatree launches world’s first Open Energy data sharing platform

Adatree claims another first: the only regulated data intermediary to introduce Open Energy into its data platform.

We’re already providing access to consented banking data from every Australian source, and we’re readying our service offering to include Australia’s Open Energy launch scheduled for the end of 2022.

“We are proud to launch the world’s first Open Energy Platform for companies wanting to access and leverage regulated energy data,” explains Adatree CEO Jill Berry.

“This exemplifies Adatree’s commitment to providing our customers with access to every industry data source available in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.”

“Australia is uniquely different from other countries in its intention to extend consented data sharing across many industries. It’s a bold move for our country that requires a long-term view and a complex roadmap, but the payoff is that it will accelerate Australia’s digital economy and ultimately lead to more competition, choice and control for Australian consumers and businesses. Adatree is committed to staying at the forefront of the CDR roadmap and enabling data sharing for any use case, no matter the industry or business.”

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